Emma Boonne's Portfolio

Here are all the incredible women who trusted me for this exciting project. These ladies are incredibly strong, and some of them told be a bit more about theirselves and the relationship they do have with their skin. Testimonials are mostly in french, an english version may be available later I tried to mix some, sorry for the non-frenchies out here.

Amazing girls are: Maureen, Constance, Léa, Laura, Naomi, Déborah, Fanny, Morgane, Prisca, Manon, Alexandra, Lohanna, Elsa, Delia, Julia, Justine, Aminata, Naomy, Laura-Marine, Pauline, Herenui, Alex, Chloé, Janet, Elise, Milaidy, Ilana, Pauline, Mailys, Sarah, Marie, Alix, Zineb, Janie & Alexia.

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